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December 2010 - Lifting the cap. return to Latest News

Granary boarding complete except for beneath the eves.

(17th December 2010)

Snowed out again!

(18th December 2010)

November 2010 - Lifting the cap. back to top of page

A finished tower window.

(7th November 2010)

Bridget on the scaffolding making the mill seem large!

(28th November 2010)

The difference between the upper vertical boarding and the lower horizontal boarding is clearly shown.

(28th November 2010)

Here you can see the tower change from octagonal to round at the top.

(28th November 2010)

The gap between the petticoat of the cap and the tower is on average three inches.

(28th November 2010)

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October 2010 - Lifting the cap. back to top of page

Waiting for the last couple of windows prior to finishing this side.

(10th October 2010)

Meanwhile I could continue the front part of the boarding up to window sill height.

(16th October 2010)

The last two back windows fitted.

(29th October 2010)

The rest of the tower windows were also being fitted.

(8th October 2010)

As the tower walls lean at an angle of eight degrees, the window frames include a small dormer portion.

(8th October 2010)

Scaffolding starting to come down at long last...............

(17th October 2010)

.....revealing the true shape of the mill.

(17th October 2010)

......and how different it starts to look.

(17th October 2010)

The front of the cap can now be fully appreciated.

(17th October 2010)

An rather interesting view of the mill rising above the granary.

(17th October 2010)

Nights drawing in, but still working.............

(20th October 2010)

The bird spikes in place beneath the cap - these have proved very successful.

(31st October 2010)

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September 2010 - Lifting the cap. back to top of page

Things are never simple though as cutting the first boards around the staddle stones was a bit tricky!

(12th September 2010)

The last windows were just following ahead of the boarding.

(19th September 2010)

As each window was fitted I could complete the boarding around it.

(22nd September 2010)

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August 2010 - Lifting the cap. back to top of page

Bridget checking out the cap for size.

(6th August 2010)

View from the cap rear window.

(4th August 2010)

View towards Leith hill.

(4th August 2010)

Now to weatherboard the granary.......

(8th August 2010)

Thankfully this was much simplier than the cap.

(21st August 2010)

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July 2010 - Lifting the cap. back to top of page

Inside the rear of the cap showing the completed boarding.

(1st July 2010)

Removing the scaffold roof to reveal the cap.

(3rd July 2010)

The cap can now be seen.

(3rd July 2010)

Scaffolding all gone and the extent of the lead flashing can be fully appreciated.

(3rd July 2010)

The finished cap viewed from the rear.

(3rd July 2010)

My brother Phil helped me remove the temporary flat roof and paint the steel ring on which the cap turns.

(4th July 2010)

All painted and ready for the lift.

(4th July 2010)

The finished cap viewed from the front.

(5th July 2010)

The crane arriving from Coussens of Bexhill.

(5th July 2010)

Extending the crane jib.

(5th July 2010)

The crane jib now in position.

(5th July 2010)

Fom the top of the tower.

(5th July 2010)

The lifting cradle being lowered.......

(5th July 2010)

....into position around the cap.

(5th July 2010)

Paul Coussens was in charge of the lift.

(5th July 2010)

The lifting frame in position and fastened to the cap ready for lifting.

(5th July 2010)

Taking up the strain........

(5th July 2010)

It took a couple of hours to fasten the lifting frame and adjust to get the cap level, but only 3 minutes to lift to the top of the mill!

(5th July 2010)

On it's way up...........

Photo by Phil James

(5th July 2010)

and up..........

(5th July 2010)

.......and up..........

(5th July 2010)

I quickly ran beneath the cap for this photo, but did not stay around too long!

(5th July 2010)

About 50 feet up and ready to move into position.

(5th July 2010)

The sails are to point south west (into the prevailing winds) so the cap rotated accordingly.

(5th July 2010)

Edging slowly over the tower.

(5th July 2010)

I had a mark inside the curb for rotational direction and small timbers protruding from the cap to align in position.

(5th July 2010)

Almost ready tyo lower.....

(5th July 2010)

A rather interesting view from inside.

Photo by Phil James

(5th July 2010)

Lowering down......

(5th July 2010)

Still under tension for final adjustments.......

Photo by Phil James

(5th July 2010)

and still.........

(5th July 2010) position at last!

Photo by Phil James

(5th July 2010)

Paul up top having just removing the lifting chains and strops.

(5th July 2010)

Packing up........

(5th July 2010)

My brother Phil....well what can you say!

(5th July 2010)

For the first time the view inside cap could be fully appreciated.........

(6th July 2010) I climbed the ladder up onto the top floor.

(6th July 2010)

The view inside the cap from 45 feet up!

(16th July 2010)

The remaining windows were now fitted into the tower............

(22nd July 2010) David.

(22nd July 2010)

From within the field of maize.

(23rd July 2010)

...and from the track.

(24th July 2010)

Looking beneath the back of the cap showing the bronze bearing in the oak hanger (to take the worm gear one day).

(30th July 2010)

Bridget making a start tarring the weatherboards for the granary.

(26th July 2010)

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June 2010 - Lead flashing the cap. back to top of page

Boarding now complete around the storm hatch.

(4th June 2010)

Paul making a start on the lead flashing.

(8th June 2010)

Each joint is double crimped.

(12th June 2010)

The first phase of the finial flashing is to fit a lead cylinder.

(12th June 2010)

Then the lead is 'flowed' around the finial beating carefully.

(12th June 2010)

Taking shape........

(12th June 2010)

Nearly there...........

(12th June 2010)

Finally the skirt at the base is welding on to cover and seal all joints.

(14th June 2010)

Trimming and folding the outer edges to finish.

(14th June 2010)

The completed flashing.

(15th June 2010)

David fitting the rear window frame.

(26th June 2010)

The storm hatch is actually oin the form of a window to let more light into the top floor.

(30th June 2010)

The completed rear window.

(30th June 2010)

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May 2010 - Boarding the cap. back to top of page

Due to the angle of the weatherboarding approaching the horizontal, the last part is covered in plywood prior to leading.

(12th May 2010)

Lead flashing taking shape around the storm hatch.

(19th May 2010)

Boarding finished and ready for the top lead flashing.

(23rd May 2010)

Lead flashing to storm hatch complete.

(23rd May 2010)

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April 2010 - Boarding the cap. back to top of page

Over half way..........

(11th April 2010)

The storm hatch complete and awaiting lead flashing.

(11th April 2010)

Sides almost finished.........

(25th April 2010)

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March 2010 - Boarding the cap. back to top of page

The first row of weatherboarding is to 'kick-off' the boards at the correct angle and to make them clear the petticoat boarding.

(2nd March 2010)

The first full row of weatherboarding - each layer is made up of 22 seperate boards!

(7th March 2010)

Developing a technique now..........

(14th March 2010)

Half way up!

(24th March 2010)

Framing out the detail of the storm hatch at the front of the cap.

(30th March 2010)

The rear and other side being brought up to the same height.

(31st March 2010)

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February 2010 - The cap petticoat. back to top of page

Front left hand flashing to shear end (in red).

(6th February 2010)

David fitting the petticoat boarding.

(6th February 2010)

Petticoat boarding finished.

(6th February 2010)

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January 2010 - The cap petticoat. back to top of page

Skirt at rear awaiting leadwork at corners.

(3rd January 2010)

Cap from above

(8th January 2010)

Snowed out!

(8th January 2010)

Snow everywhere!

(8th January 2010)

Do I really need a four wheel drive?

(8th January 2010)

Rear tie bars in place to support striking frame.

(16th January 2010)

Paul Harrod (Leadwork Contractor) making up the flashing for the rear right hand shear end.

(22nd January 2010)

The lead flashing in place.

(23rd January 2010)

The front sill lead flashing in place.

(23rd January 2010)

Tee rear left hand flashing and petticoat boarding finished at rear.

(24th January 2010)

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