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   This video gives a brief introduction to those Sussex

   windmills which are open to visitors. We hope that it

   will encourage viewers to go out and discover for

   themselves the wonderful technology of these

   splendid buildings.


   Running time 25minutes.


   6.95 + 1.50p&p (UK only)    PURCHASE




   The story of the Constable family who ran Horley

   watermill and built Lowfield Heath windmill. This

   book covers three hundred years of their history

   including an incredible exploration of America in

   the early 19th Century.


    Hardback 21cms x 14cms, 362 pages

   with b&w/colour photographs.


   15.95 + 2.50p&p (UK only)    PURCHASE




   Dusty Miller's Passport and badge.


  When you visit these Sussex mills you will have your passport

  stamped. When you have collected stamps from twelve mills

  you will be able to send off for your limited edition Silver

  coloured Dusty Miller Badge.


   0.60 + 0.40p&p (UK only)    PURCHASE




   Postcard showing:

  Rottingdean, Selsey, Argos Hill,  Jack & Jill, Shipley,

  Nutley, Halnaker and High Salvington.


   0.30 + 0.25 p&p (UK only)   PURCHASE




   Set of seven different postcards showing various Sussex

  windmills and watermills.


  1.20 + 0.40p&p (UK only)   PURCHASE


Purchase details:

Send cheque (payable to Lowfield Heath Windmill Trust), PO or stamps to:


Lowfield Heath Windmill Trust

C/o 29 Highlands Road


West Sussex RH13 5LS

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